Our company is always open to cooperating with any organization or company in the business of dredging projects. We also allow for the equipment rental by subject to terms and conditions.


MMDC offers comprehensive and integrated services ranging from feasibility studies to engineering design to procurement and construction. The services provided could be based on:

  • a single service Contract;
  • a design and build Turnkey Contract;
  • a lump sum Contract



MMDC offers the following services:

  • Capital and Maintenance Dredging;
  • Land Reclamation;
  • Break water Construction;
  • Coastal Protection work;
  • Beach nourishment;
  • Construction of Jetties and Wharves;
  • Piling and Marine Structures;
  • Sand Mining;
  • River training and improvement work;
  • Inland waterway and channel dredging;
  • Trenching and backfilling;
  • Hydrographic Survey